Taken From Us Too Soon

In Memory of Bobby Frank

On 10/3/08, an angel was created. True, there were times he looked like a biker and other times he looked like more like Santa Claus, but make no mistake about it, Bobby Frank during his life enabled thousands of children to walk.

Bobby touched the lives of thousands of children and adults in more ways than you can imagine. A huge man (not fat, mind you, but with the build that would stop a Mack Truck in its tracks), he looked more like a biker 25 years ago..and greatly resembled Santa Clause these past few years as well!

But his outer appearance was the gift wrapping of a shining soul and utterly magnificent human being.

Bobby had the knack of making everyone he met, children and adults alike, just plain comfortable. He would get on his knees to talk at eye level with children, and always listen with great concentration to their fears, their concerns and what the future would bring. Then he.d tell them just how he was going to help them..and the rest was history.

Bobby was loved by all who knew him. The man would make house calls to help cast people who couldn't get to the office and was always available via phone to those who needed to talk with him.

The world truly has lost a fine human being but I am comforted to think one more guardian angel now watches over the children he helped to walk. He was the kind of man who gave from his heart and offered his best to whomever was in need.

Rest in peace, Bobby. I am grateful beyond belief you helped me walk without pain'those years ago.

Rest In Peace, Bobby. You will *never* be forgotten.